I am a Product of Bottom-Up Leadership.

Hon. Cynthia Muge, the dynamic Women Representative of *Nandi County*, began her political journey as an MCA, a testament to her *deep roots* in bottom-up politics.

Proudly hailing the *UDA party* as a hub of youth leadership, she emphasizes the *safe space* and equal opportunities that propelled many to success in the *2022 Elections*.

With ambitious programs in *education*, Agri-business, water and mentorship, *Hon.Muge* is actively transforming Nandi County.

From her origins as *MCA for Kilibwoni ward*, she finds fulfillment in diligently *serving* the people, a commitment that remains *unwavering* in every role they entrust her with.

Hon. Muge lauded *President William Ruto* for being in the forefront *prioritizing and providing* a level playing ground for leadership opportunities especially in the *UDA Party* irregardless of status and origin.

Speaking to the *UDA Party* team, She urged *women and youth* to come out and fight for *leadership positions* as they are not given in a silver platter but deligently sought after.

  • *#KaziNiKazi*
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Hustler Plaza, Ngong Road, Nairobi