Rise and take up leadership positions

The youth need to rise to the occasion and take up leadership positions in our UDA Party and the country at large”, were sentiments from Hon. Zaheer Jhanda the current MP for Nyaribari- Chache.

An astute businessman and politician, Hon. Jhanda emphasized on the need for the youth to come out and venture into political leadership.

Hon. Jhanda began his political journey way back in 2013 and vied unsuccessfully on a URP ticket, he tried again in 2017 lost,later to clinch the 2022 seat for Nyaribari -Chache constituency on the UDA Party ticket, a clear indication that resilience, hard work pays.

Noting that education is the greatest equalizer, Hon.Jhanda said he has over 136 students on full scholarship through the CDF Programme and another 350 on Zaheer Jhanda Foundation.

With other programmes in roads and jobs Hon. Jhanda is actively transforming his constituency.

Key roads include Ria Riga-Nyaguta-Amariba-Nyambunde-Nyamisabo roads that are currently being tarmacked.

He hailed President William Ruto for prioritizing and providing a level playing ground for leadership opportunities within the Party.

The Mp believes that the President will see Kenya become a successful country because of the brave and robust programs being implemented to stabilize the country’s economy.


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