Rise and take up leadership positions

The youth need to rise to the occasion and take up leadership positions in our *UDA Party* and the country at large”, were sentiments from *Hon. Zaheer Jhanda* the current MP for *Nyaribari- Chache*.

An astute businessman and politician, *Hon. Jhanda* emphasized on the need for the youth to come out and venture into political leadership.

*Hon. Jhanda* began his political journey way back in 2013 and vied unsuccessfully on a URP ticket, he tried again in 2017 lost,later to clinch the 2022 seat for Nyaribari -Chache constituency on the UDA Party ticket, a clear indication that resilience, hard work pays.

Noting that education is the greatest equalizer, *Hon.Jhanda* said he has over *136 students* on *full scholarship* through the CDF Programme and another *350* on *Zaheer Jhanda Foundation*.

With other programmes in *roads and jobs Hon. Jhanda* is actively transforming his constituency.

Key roads include *Ria Riga-Nyaguta-Amariba-Nyambunde-Nyamisabo* roads that are currently being tarmacked.

He hailed *President William Ruto* for prioritizing and providing a level playing ground for leadership opportunities within the Party.

The *Mp* believes that the *President* will see Kenya become a successful country because of the *brave and robust* programs being implimented to stabilize the country’s economy.


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