Creative Arts and Film feature prominently as avenues of job creation in the UDA Party visit to the Communist Party China(CPC)

UDA Secretary General Sen.Cleophas Malalah and his delegation visited the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Changsha, Hunan Province.

This innovative park integrates the creative cultural economy with technology, packaging content for global audiences.

Since its establishment five years ago, Malanshan has grown significantly, hosting over 3,500 firms and 50,000 talented individuals.

From 2020-2022, the park achieved over 158.5 Billion Yuan in revenue, 8.8 Billion Yuan in tax revenue, and saw investments exceeding 33.3 Billion Yuan in fixed assets and 23.2 Billion Yuan in major projects.

As of March, 2,953 new enterprises have settled in, with over 70% in culture and technology.

This visit underscores the rapid development of the cultural industry, emphasizing the importance of the flagship Talanta Hela program in the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto.

The Kenyan Kwanza Government aims to draw lessons from these successful projects to bolster our own creative economy and create jobs for many talented young Kenyans in this sector.

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