Narok County UDA members took advantage of the polls extension to elect their grassroots representatives.

The National Election Board (NEB) gave voters an extra day to vote after some polling stations on saturday failed to receive voting gadgets.

This was occasioned by the bad weather, which made some roads inaccessible.

The polling centres where voting was extended included:

1.Oyarata polling olokurto ward centres. Narok North
2.Olopirik Polling Centre,Olokurto ward
3.ILpoltol polling centres,Olokurto Narok Ward
4.Entiyani polling centres,Olokurtoward Narok North
5.Medungi polling centres,Olokurto ward_Narok Southampton
6.Mosiro polling centres,Mosiro Ward_Narok south
7.Medungi polling centres_ Kilgoris ward.

The voters queued patiently as they made their way in to vote, embracing the electronic technology, the first of kind in the country in party polls.

The polling centres closed at 3 pm.
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