Danish Political Parties Delegation Visit the UDA Party.

The UDA Party hosted a Danish Political Parties delegation at the Party headquarters in Nairobi.The Delegation led by the Center for Multi-party Democracy included representatives from the Social Democratic Party founded in 1871, The Liberal Party of Denmark founded in 1870 and the Green Left-in Danish Socialist People’s Party founded in 1959.

The meeting served to lay ground for programmatic partnerships between UDA Party and the Danish Political Parties for growth of Democracy and political inclusion in Kenya.

The Delegation included:
1. Ms. Trine Bendix- Green Left
2. Mr. Bo ManderUp-Jensen- The Liberal Party of Denmark
3. Mr. Jan Juul Christensen -The Social Democratic Party
4. Mr. Bent Nicolasjein- Program Manager -Danish Liberal Democratic Program
5. Pamela Inoti- CMD

The UDA team was led by the Executive Director Mr.Nicodemus Bore, Party Directors and other officers.


020 2020405
Hustler Plaza, Ngong Road, Nairobi