UDA’s Big Catch in Narok

UDA has scored big after former Narok East Mp aspirant on Azimio ticket John Saruni decamped to the party.

Hon. Saruni accompanied by dozens of his supporters was received at the UDA headquarters by Secretary General Sen.Cleophas Malalah.

Sen.Malalah while welcoming Hon.Saruni said the party has gained lot of popularity in Narok county.

He urged them to register new party members in large numbers adding that the president’s heart was with the MAA community.

He said the entire Maa community is fully behind President William Ruto as ODM party continue losing popularity.

“I am very delighted,I have come to join UDA with zeal and power,I will work with UDA and the Kenya Kwanza government from today going forward,”said Saruni.

He assured that he will ensure all members of the MAA community joins UDA as it has proven to be accommodative to all Kenyans.

Sen.Malalah assured equal treatment of all members of UDA from those who founded the party to the new recruits

“All members are equal as long as your are registered,all have equal rights,”he said.

Sen.Malalah said talks were ongoing with other Kenya Kwanza parties to have them dissolved to join one Strong party,UDA.

He noted the election dates were postponed to April 2024 from December 2023 to allow a consensus with other parties.Their members will also be in a position to participate in the UDA elections and be elected as officials.

He at the same time lashed at Azimio leaders Raila Odinga and former president Uhuru Kenyatta for false propaganda against the government.

He said the two were at the center of the oil scandal.

He said the 17 billion oil worth was money stolen and taken out of the country during the last day of Uhuru Kenyatta regime being brought back into the economy through the oil scandal.

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